The municipality of Opsterland consists of 16 villages, with Gorredijk, Ureterp and Beetsterzwaag being the largest centres.

  • Bakkeveen

    Bakkeveen (Bakkefean) is a beautiful village, close to the three provinces meeting point of Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe. An extraordinary part of Friesland, where the woodlands, heathland and dunes set the tone. A village with plenty of opportunities for wonderful walks, bike rides and also for holidays, because Bakkeveen has something for everyone.

  • Beetsterzwaag

    Beetsterzwaag (Beetstersweach) is an atmospheric and stylish village which is full of character, located in the heart of the Frisian Woodlands. Beetsterzwaag was at one time a village of great importance, and isn't also referred to as the 'Wassenaar of the North' for nothing.

  • Drachten-Azeven

    The municipalities of Opsterland and Smallingerland collaborate in economic terms, and the Drachten-Azeven business park is a result of this.

  • Frieschepalen

    Frieschepalen (Fryske Peallen) lies at the border with the province of Groningen, and neighbours the villages of Siegerswoude and Ureterp. Frieschepalen was founded in the 18th century as a peat mining village in the high peatland areas. The village is situated on the A7 motorway from Heerenveen to Groningen.

  • Gorredijk

    Gorredijk (De Gordyk) is the largest village in Opsterland, and has a central function for the surrounding villages. Gorredijk has a large number of facilities, and is therefore a nice place to live and spend free time.

  • Hemrik

    Hemrik (De Himrik) is a small and atmospheric village in the south of the municipality of Opsterland. The village lies on the way from Wijnjewoude to Gorredijk. The scenic landscape around Hemrik is unique, and consists of meadows with hedgerows.

  • Jonkerslân

    Jonkerslân is situated at the southern border of the municipality of Opsterland, on the way from Gorredijk to Langezwaag. The village was originally part of Langezwaag, but in 1988 the villages were split. As a result, Jonkerslân became one of Opsterland's smallest villages.

  • Langezwaag

    Langezwaag (Langsweagen) can be found on the way from Gorredijk to Heerenveen. The village lies on the border between sandy soil and peatland. To the west and south of Langezwaag, the landscape is an open one, and to the east and north, the landscape has a more closed character. Langezwaag is situated in the south-western point of the municipality of Opsterland.

  • Lippenhuizen

    Lippenhuizen (Lippenhuzen) was originally a farmer's village, which was called Kobunderhuizen in the past. Via the Turfroute, a beautiful, touristic waterway which runs through south-east Friesland, the village is connected with Hemrik, Gorredijk and Terwispel.

  • Luxwoude

    Luxwoude (Lúkswâld) was originally a peat exploitation village, and belongs to the smaller villages in the municipality of Opsterland. The village is characterised by its ribbon developed along the Hegedyk, the Alde Leane and the Lúkster Heawei.

  • Nij Beets

    Nij Beets is a young village in the region, founded by peatland workers and which was founded during the peat exploitation around 1860. The village is located where the old village of Beets formerly lay.

  • Olterterp

    Olterterp, to the east of Beetsterzwaag, is the smallest village of the municipality, with approximately 90 inhabitants. There is a church in Olterterp which was built in 1415, with a church tower dating back to the 18th century.

  • Siegerswoude

    The village of Siegerswoude (Sigerswâld) lies in a half open to open high-lying peatland exploitation area, on the border between the source area of the Alddjip (Koningsdiep) and the northerly sand ridge.

  • Terwispel

    Terwispel lies in the west of the municipality of Opsterland, close to Gorredijk, the largest core area of Opsterland. Terwispel is one of the older settlements in the municipality, and used to be a farmer's village.

  • Tijnje

    Tijnje (De Tynje) is a residential village, situated in the westerly peatland meadow area of Opsterland. Tijnje is located along the A7, halfway between Drachten and Heerenveen, and between Gorredijk and Oldeboorn/Akkrum on the main road. The village is close to 'De Deelen', a nature reserve, and is sheltered between the trees. In its original form, this agrarian peatland exploitation village was a linear settlement.

  • Ureterp

    Ureterp (Oerterp) is one of the older farmer's settlements on the higher sand ridges to the north of the Alddijp (Koningsdiep). The village lies some kilometres south-east of Drachten, on the way from Beetsterzwaag to Siegerswoude.

  • Wijnjewoude

    Wijnjewoude (Wynjewâld) is one of the older farmer's settlements in Opsterland. Wijnjewoude lies between Bakkeveen and Hemrik, close to the eastern border of Opsterland, on the N31 (Oosterwolde - Drachten).