About Opsterland

Beautiful landscapes, tranquillity and space, liveability, good accessibility, many recreational opportunities, art and culture: this is Opsterland.

  • This is Opsterland

    The municipality of Opsterland lies in the middle of the Friese Wouden, in the south-east of Friesland. The landscape of Opsterland, with its forests, heathland, nature reserves, grassland, canals and peatland is unique in the region. This landscape, in combination with the tranquillity, space and easy access via the A7 and N381, makes Opsterland a very attractive recreation area and municipality to live in.

  • Opsterland in statistics

    As of 1 January 2019, Opsterland had 29,725 inhabitants.

  • History

    Humans have been living in Opsterland since around 150,000 BC, which was proved by the discovery of 'the hand axe of Wijnjeterp'. Opsterland wasn't called Opsterland at the time, of course.

  • Flag, coat of arms and corporate identity

    In addition to its corporate identity, the municipality of Opsterland has its own flag and coat of arms.

  • Municipal guide

    The municipality publishes a municipal guide every year. The municipal guide is a handy guidebook for residents as well as newcomers and tourists in the municipality. The guide contains addresses, telephone numbers of organisations and associations in and around the municipality of Opsterland and more.